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So I accepted a challenge on Twitter…..

One of the wrestling podcasts I listen to, Curtain Jerks, tweeted out earlier this week that they’d love to see a mash-up of Damien Sandow’s “Hallelujah” entrance music with Stone Cold saying “WHAT?!” mixed in after every mention of Hallelujah.  Now a full version of this would drive anyone batty so I accepted the challenge and made a slightly different version.  This was the result:

Now I was pretty happy with the results and so were the guys from Curtain Jerks.  But I had an idea to change it around a little and, instead of “WHAT?!” I was thinking of putting in Daniel Bryan saying “YES!” in the middle of each Hallelujah, so it would then become “Halle-YES-lujah!” but the guys from Curtain Jerks suggested why not both?  So from that, “Halle-What-YES!” was born!

A few days later I’m still trying to figure out if it’s a work of art or a complete mess!!  I’ll leave that decision to those who watch the vid!!


The Hall of Fail 2013

Well we’ve had the Hall of Fame video  for this years inductees, but what about those wrestlers/gimmicks that went nowhere??

Welcome… to the Hall of Fail.

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WWE Hall of Fame 2013 Tribute Video

When you have a bit of patience (there’s only so many times you can listen to “Hall of Fame” by The Script before it drives a bit mental!) and some spare time, you can come up with some decent results!

Really happy with this video as I think it’s a fitting tribute to this years inductees!!


Bad Luck Miz