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Where will we get our Stratusfaction from now??


With Trish Stratus going in to the Hall of Fame this year and the Diva who could have easily taken her crown, Beth Phoenix, having left late last year, just where is the next Trish going to come from in WWE?

WWE has some girls with potential and here’s my own personal top 5 of who could reign as the Queen of the Divas Division if given the chance:


5. Kaitlyn


“She’s the current Diva’s champion!” I hear you say, “Surely she’s there already??”  Well….. not really.

Kaitlyn is a great combination of Trish and Beth (beauty and strength) but if she’s to come close to being the future of the Diva’s division then she really needs to knuckle down and learn more of the basics.  She’s green.  So very, very green!  She had a match with Aksana recently that was at least 75% rest holds.  Even Randy Orton found the match boring!

An example of her sloppiness was her feud with Eve in the latter part of 2012.  The whole feud came from her making a mistake in a Divas battle royal and eliminating Eve when she wasn’t supposed to.  Luckily for her WWE managed to work round it and made a semi-decent fued out of it (though what was all that blonde wig stuff all about??  Made for some cringing backstage stuff….. though Teddy with the wig on was funny!)

If she works on more of her basics and cuts out the mistakes, WWE could have a very good Divas champion for the foreseeable future.  It’s down to her if she wants it.

4. Layla


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a great fan of Layla when she was teaming with Michelle McCool.  Maybe that was more Michelle’s fault than Layla’s.  But since McCool has retired and Layla has worked on her own, I’ve enjoyed more of her work.  Being out injured for about a year wasn’t helpful though but she’s been good since her return.

I’m confused about one part of her character/routine however.  She can go between serious wrestling to goofing about (slapping another Diva’s arse etc…).  I really think with Layla she should be one or the other.  Be the serious Diva and hone her craft or be the fun-loving, spunky Diva who is out for some fun as she’s wrestling.  Don’t be both.  For me, she should embrace the serious side of the character.  Since Kaitlyn won the title we’ve seen a couple of segments with hints of Layla wanting the belt back.  Maybe we’ll see that serious side from her soon?

3. AJ Lee


For possibly the most popular Diva on the roster (and one of the most popular stars in the company), we’ve really not seen all that much of AJ wrestle.  From what I’ve read about her, she is a very sound in the ring and can more than hold her own.

I would love to see her wrestle more but I don’t think it’ll be happening any time soon whilst she’s linked with Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston.

However if she was to be given the chance, I have no doubt she would reach the top very quickly and we could easily have a top rival for Trish and her legacy.   It’s just a case of let’s wait and see I guess.

2. Natalya


She’s the daughter of The Anvil, the niece of The Hitman & The Black Hart and is one of the most technically gifted Divas in wrestling.  So why in the hell has Vince given her gimmicks like farting and teaming her up with Khali and Hornswoggle??

Natalya Neidhart comes from a wrestling family.  She has lived, breathed and I have no doubt bled for her profession and in her 5 year run in WWE all she’s had to show for it is one short Divas title run.  C’mon Vince, release Natalya from this current rubbish storyline and let her do what she does best.

1. Paige


Yep, my number one is the relatively unknown (if you don’t watch NXT anyways) Paige.

NXT commentator William Regal likes to refer to her as “The enchanting ravenhaired lady” and I have to say, I’m very much enchanted!  Paige, like Natalya, comes from a wrestling family and, along with the rest of her family, was part of a Channel 4 Documentary called “The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family” showing Paige and her brother trying out for WWE.  And for me, WWE made an decision in signing her up.

Watching NXT you can see how well she’s clicked with the small Full Sail University (where NXT is taped) crowd but I have no doubt that she would click just as easily with a large RAW or SmackDown crowd.  She is very sound in the ring and makes watching Divas matches actually enjoyable.  Being only 20 years old she is the youngest on my list but also the one with the most potential and has plenty years ahead of her to reach that potential.  I believe there has been rumblings of her being called up to the main roster soon and I hope that this is the case as I’m sure she will shine in the spotlight if given the chance.

So there we have it.  That’s my list.  Do you agree??  Do you disagree?  Let me know what you think!


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