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WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Predictions

Well we’re on that final stop before NY/NJ for WrestleMania and although the route seems obvious (Rock/Cena 2, HHH/Lesnar etc…) could WWE through up some diversions??  Let’s go through the matches:

YouTube Pre-PPV Match – Brodus Clay & Tensai vs Team Rhodes Scholars

I’m sure I’m not the only one to be confused by this match-up.  Brodus and Tensai are the new, blossoming team (and dare I say it, actually somewhat entertaining too!) and they’re set to face the recently split Team Rhodes Scholars.  Why have them team up again after the public split only a few short weeks ago?  If the Dancing Destroyers (my name for Brodus and Tensai!) were to face anyone then surely it should be one of the two teams they’ve feuded with in their short time together (3MB or Epico & Primo) and not Sandow & Rhodes?  It’s a very strange deccision for me and I really don’t know why they’ve done this.  Especially as it could put a spanner in the works (if the decide to keep the Scholars together again) for the rumoured Brother vs Brother match at WrestleMania with Rhodes and Goldust.

However I think this will indeed be a one night only reunion and we’ll see Brodus and Tensai doing a victory dance with the Funkadactyls as we head in to the PPV proper.

United States Championship Match – Antonio Cesaro vs The Miz

Kinda gutted with this.  When Cesaro was doing his promos about America and running it down and talking about how no American could beat him I thought “Great, nailed on guarantee that Jack Swagger will return as red hot face to win the belt and defend America’s honour!”


So the defender of America turns out to actually be The Miz?  Sorry America.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind The Miz and I guess they need to have some feud for him to be in to keep him in the spotlight (especially with his movie coming out in under a month’s time) but to take the belt of Cesaro at the moment I think would be a bad idea.  Cesaro has quietly been plugging away, building his heat and pulling good matches out of some unlikely opponents (Khali I’m looking at you) and certainly deserves to defend his belt on the biggest stage of them all.  If WWE do want to capitalise on The Miz and his movie role, perhaps do the title switch at WrestleMania.  It’ll be just after the release of the movie and would make a good story and Cesaro gets to go in to the PPV as the champ.

So I hope to see Cesaro walk away with the belt here but I think we might see a title switch here.

Divas Championship Match – Kaitlyn vs Tamina Snuka

Now I want the Divas division to really do well in the WWE but when they don’t put much of an effort in to actually building the divsion, how are we meant to care about it?  Kaitlyn and Tamina have had something that could only just be described as a feud but I feel the only reason for this match is that someone in WWE Creative suddenly thought “Crap!  We need to add a Divas match for Sunday!  Erm…. Kaitlyn versus…… erm…. versus Tamina!  Yeah, that’ll do!!”

And thus the match for the PPV was made.  Considering the lack of build-up to the match I don’t see anything other than the champ retaining her title.  Lord knows what we’ve got to look forward to at WrestleMania in the Divas divsion…….

Sheamus, John Cena & Ryback vs The Shield

The Sword versus The Shield.  The SuperMen vs The SuperSellers.  And that’s exactly what I think The Shield will be at Elimination Chamber.  Even though Cena, Sheamus and Ryback don’t need anyone to do so, I think we’ll see Ambrose and company making them look even better than they are whilst still showing the potential stars that they themselves could become.  But the big question is who will come out on top?  On one side you’ve got 3 young guys who have had a great push and could be the ones who could carry the company in the future and on the other side you’ve got John Cena.

If WWE are going to go with Cena/Rock 2 at WrestleMania then I don’t see them having their Golden Boy lose on the PPV before he potentially (or most likely definitely) wins the WWE title.  If this happens then The Shield MUST lose but still appear to be strong in defeat.  For me that is the only way they would be able to keep their momentum.

So what would I like to see?  Well Cena and his team don’t need the rub.  They would be fine in defeat as it wouldn’t hurt them.  So The Shield should be leaving through the crowd on Sunday as victors.  However I don’t think that’ll happen and it’ll be Cena, Sheamus and Ryback with their hands raised.

World Heavyweight Championship Number 1 Contenders Elimination Chamber Match

Usually when there is a Chamber match you can usually look at least a couple of guys and think “Yep, the winner is going to be one of them” but I don’t think that’s the case with this one.  With this one as many as 4 of them could win and head on to WrestleMania to face del Rio or Big Show (or even Ziggler if he goes through with his promise of cashing in his Money in the Bank contract between Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania).

We can take Team Hell No out of the equation.  They’re only there to progress their split storyline which now looks pretty much inevitable now (a shame as they make a great combination).

Jericho has reportedly signed a contract to take him just past WrestleMania.  This could be used for either a short term WHC program with the champ (and possible rematch at Extreme Rules) or continue the feud with Ziggler (if he doesn’t cash in his contract).  In fact these could be combined if Ziggler does cash in.

In the last little while the commentators on WWE programming have made mention on the number of title reigns Randy Orton has had and how it’s been too long since his last run with a belt.  He’s also shown a bit more of his more ‘angry’ side too (his DQ loss to Mark Henry on this week’s SmackDown being an example).  Is this a slow burn towards another title run for the Viper?  And a possible heel run at that?

Mark Henry has made his return in the last few weeks and has reopened the “Hall of Pain” (must have been doing some renovations whilst he’s been away).  The Chamber is a great place for them to continue to push this gimmick and push the Worlds Strongest Man towards the title in April.  A few years ago we would never have thought he could be put in this position but after he WHC run in late 2011 he proved that he could be a genuine monster heel and a monster champion at that.  Henry is a strong contender for the win here.

The one person who seems to have came out of nowhere to become a credible threat is “The All American American” Jack Swagger.  When he first returned I thought we would see the more serious side of his ‘new’ character and a few months down the line we might see him in the title hunt.  However with the addition of Dutch Mantel as Zeb Coulter and this more ‘racist’ (for want of a better term) twist on the All American persona Swagger looks like he could be head to WrestleMania to face “Eddie Guererro Mk. 2”, Alberto del Rio in what could be seen as a interesting twist of the JBL vs Guerrero feud from Spring/Summer 2004.

Perhaps it’s too obvious but I think we’ll see Swagger walking out as the number one contender after a tough, brutal match in the chamber.

World Heavyweight Championship Match – Alberto del Rio vs The Big Show

As I mentioned in the prediction for the Number One Contenders match, I think it’ll be del Rio facing Swagger for the belt at WrestleMania.

We need to see del Rio finally get the pinfall victory on the Giant after his previous Eddie Guerro-esque ways of getting the win in his other matches with Show.  Again it could be WWE being too obvious with having Show come out with “You’ve never pinned me” to the Mexican and then he actually does but looking at the combatants in the Chamber and the two men in this match I think it’s Alberto getting the elusive pin on Big Show and facing Swagger in New Jersey

WWE Championship Match – The Rock vs CM Punk

Finally……. FINALLY (ahem, sorry) the match that will decide for a lot of people if they will actually bother ordering WrestleMania in just over 6 weeks time.

Cena/Rock 2 has practically been signposted (and giant neon signs at that) since last year’s WrestleMania so the most obvious thing to say here is that The Rock walks out of the PPV as champ and we see Once in a Lifetime for the 2nd time (Once Every So Often???)

BUT…. We’ve also seen Cena acknowledge that he’s never managed to beat CM Punk when it matters.  So where bigger to get that win than in the WWE Title match at WrestleMania?

But what about a third option?  One that keeps those who are upset at “Once in a Lifetime” being repeated and those who are upset at Punk potentially missing out on a WrestleMania main event match both happy and that is a triple threat match?

How could we reach that match-up though?  Well we know that if The Rock is DQ’d or counted out then Punk wins the belt.  So we could have Brock Lesnar come out and hit Punk causing The Rock to be disqualified and give Punk the belt.  The next night/following weeks on RAW, The Rock could be added to the WrestleMania title match by Vince because, even though Punk won the belt at the Chamber by the rules that were laid out for the match, it was another “Paul Heyman guy” that helped cause the DQ.  So although Vince can’t strip the belt from Punk, he can add The Rock in to the match as a way of making it up to him being essentially screwed out of the title.

This could also be used in the build up to the expected Lesnar/HHH 2 match as they could use Lesnar’s interference in the title match as an excuse to show how little he cares for the establishment of the company and does what he wants.  HHH steps in to challenge Lesnar as he wants revenge for his defeat last year at SummerSlam and also to defend his family’s honour because of what Brock did to Vince and what he (potentially) does in the title match at Elimination Chamber.

Sorry about that, we kinda went from guessing what will happen at the PPV to trying to plan out the next couple of months of WWE programming!

However, with all the fantasy booking that we’ve just done I unfortunately feel that WWE will indeed go down the totally obvious route and we will have Cena/Rock 2.

Where it leaves Punk for WrestleMania is unsure.  He’s been mooted as being Taker’s WrestleMania opponent but there is still no confirmation if we’ll see the Streak defended this year.

So other than that little detour near the end, that’s my thoughts on the Elimination Chamber and what we might see.

Agree?  Disagree?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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