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So I accepted a challenge on Twitter…..

One of the wrestling podcasts I listen to, Curtain Jerks, tweeted out earlier this week that they’d love to see a mash-up of Damien Sandow’s “Hallelujah” entrance music with Stone Cold saying “WHAT?!” mixed in after every mention of Hallelujah.  Now a full version of this would drive anyone batty so I accepted the challenge and made a slightly different version.  This was the result:

Now I was pretty happy with the results and so were the guys from Curtain Jerks.  But I had an idea to change it around a little and, instead of “WHAT?!” I was thinking of putting in Daniel Bryan saying “YES!” in the middle of each Hallelujah, so it would then become “Halle-YES-lujah!” but the guys from Curtain Jerks suggested why not both?  So from that, “Halle-What-YES!” was born!

A few days later I’m still trying to figure out if it’s a work of art or a complete mess!!  I’ll leave that decision to those who watch the vid!!